What ages are the Sankofa Club materials for/ what grade levels?

  • We always say that Sankofa Club is for all ages and our Sankofa Club Kids come in all ages from 2 to 99 years old. Most of us have not been educated to know our true Black/ African History in its full glory. Sankofa Club materials offer a variety of fun and easy tools to help introduce history to ourselves and our children. Who doesn’t love to color or draw, do a cool maze, word search, or watch a video? 
  • However, the activity sheets are specifically designed for three grade levels/ age groups. 
    • Red Sheets are for ages 3-5 / Pre-K-2nd Grades 
    • Green Sheets are for ages 6-8 / 3rd-4th Grades 
    • Black Sheets are for 9-12 / 5th-6th Grades

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