What is recommended to do after receiving membership?

  • Whitelist our admin@sankofaclub.com email address in your email address book. This will ensure our emails do not go into your spam folder. 
  • Join the private Facebook page here:
  • Introduce yourself on our private network here: https://sankofaclub.com/raisingproudblackchildren/groups/sankofa-kids-club-private-membership-group/ 
  • Download your first month of activity sheets. We suggest Month 01 Great Minds here:https://sankofaclub.com/my-content/monthly-printables/
  • If you don’t have a printer you can purchase a printed copy of the activity sheets to be mailed to you for a small fee.
  • After downloading your activity sheets:
    • Schedule 5 minutes daily on your calendar of 1 on 1 time with your child/ren. 
    • During your 5 minutes have your child do an activity sheet. 
    • Once they complete the activity sheet, watch the Day 5 Black History Lesson Video that corresponds with the activity sheets for month 01 Great Minds. (add Aunt Dee Dee’s Day 5 link).
      • Imhotep coloring sheet and Day 5 Imhotep Video Lesson

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